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Your Artwork 

Here it is! This is why you are investing in a professional photographer. I work so hard to create meaningful, timeless, masterfull images for you, you deserve to take home finished artwork. These people, these moments, deserve to be honored and enjoyed. The best part? YOU get to select what art products to invest in. And I will be here with you, every step of the way.

My expertise does not end at the image files I create. Beyond the image file, I will insure your art products are of the highest quality. The truest color, the sharpest images, with depth and texture. I have spent countless hours curating this art product line. You can be assured what you are investing in is superior. It will maintain its beauty for literally hundreds of years. This part is SO FUN!



Calgary high end photographer

Art Products

Kendra Paige Photography has purposefully curated this collection with the following aspects in mind;

  • materials that are high quality, and as sustainably sourced as possible. .

  • fine art, giclee printing, for archival longevity. (Fine art prints will last up to 250 years!)

  • hand crafted products. Yup! Most of these products are made by an actual human being.

  • luxury products from the finest printers in the world.

  • easy to care for, while being sturdy enough to enjoy over and over.

  • unique, bespoke products you can't find on every corner.

  • modern style, with a touch of luxury, maintaining a minimalist, natural vibe.

  • products that are endearing to touch and feel, and hold in your hands.

“...the negative is similar to a musician's score, and the print to the performance of that score. The negative comes to life only when "performed" as a print.”
― Ansel Adams

Heirloom Albums
Luxury Style
Custom Art
Matted Folios
Wall Art
Digital Files

Airdrie custom photography studio

starting prices:

Custom designed collections, including heirloom artwork and digital images, start at $650+.

+A $500 session fee is required to book on my calendar and includes 3 digital images.

À la carte artwork is available by add-on only.

Pricing subject to GST

Let's Get YouBooked

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