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your investment

this is the important part. your investment in these images. but i promise I'm going to make it easy for you. let's keep it simple, so that you know you've made the right choice.

Your Photographer's Fee

This is where I shine! Your photographer's fee includes:
a custom designed session; props, backdrops, wardrobe 
skillful, safe posing of your baby and family
professional lighting and camera technique
experience and intuition for baby care
relaxed, comfortable sitting area, and refreshments
masterful post processing, editing and retouching


Your image investment

this is where you shine! your image investment includes;

password protected proofing gallery

printing rights release

fully edited digital images chosen by you

more love for kendra paige 

"Thank you so much! I loved our experience and photos so much! I recommended you to a friend and I heard she booked with you! So awesome.

Just a huge thank you for capturing such amazing photos of our baby."

Brenna, Calgary

this is 
worth it