Cake Smash Sessions with Kendra Paige Photography

Hey Kendra, do you do cake smashes? YES! Celebrate the first 12 months! Cake smash sessions are designed to not only capture your little one’s perfection as they are, but also to commemorate this big milestone. You made it! One whole year!

I am truly blessed that most of my cake smash sessions are for babies that I met as newborns first. It is so cool to see how much, and how fast they grow.

I like to keep things pretty simple. I use a simple backgrounds, minimal props and include a 6" round buttercream cake. This way we get to see your baby's personality and enjoy witnessing, (sometimes), their very first taste of cake. That being said, I still love to create. I always include color preferences, greenery, and elements that compliment your style.

What's that little bath tub in some of these pictures? I mean, things can pretty messy when you've got both your hands in a cake. So, if you like, we do a splash too! Most little ones absolutely love it.

When should I book a cake smash session with Kendra Paige Photography? You can book anytime before or after your little one is 12 months. It's fun to have the session done within their twelf month, so the milestone is truly genuine. I do need a bit of time to plan and style your session, and of course book my licensed baker. 3-4 weeks notice is wonderful. It should also be noted that most of my final galleries take about 3 weeks to be delivered.

What about the outfits? I love shopping for cute little 1 year old outfits and I have a nice, rotating selection of outfits that your baby is welcome to wear. Once we pinpoint the look we are going for, we can choose the coordinating outfit. Or, I can create a setup to match an outfit you already have prepared. Most 1 year old outfits at Kendra Paige Photography fit 9-12 months.

Twin? Absolutely! Who doesn't want a party?

Now, let's not forget about YOU! You, the family that has the past 12 months to celebrate too. With the Full Cake Smash and Portrait Session, parents and siblings are welcome to join.

Happy Birthday little ones! Let's eat cake!