Kendra Paige Photography and Coronavirus

Kendra Paige Photography has always been vigilant about safety for you and your family. And there is no deficit when it comes to assuring the studio and myself are not conducive to spreading viruses. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the following protocols have always been and continue to be in place; - All flat surfaces and touch surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant cleaner and then sanitized with bleach - hard floors are also sanitized between sessions and footwear is to remain at the entrance - All hard props are cleaned with disinfectant cleaner and then sanitized with bleach - Soft props and fabrics are washed and sanitized in the washing machine between every client - props and accessories that can't be water washed are either sprayed with disinfectant, or dry sanitized with fibre specific cleaner. Wool rugs are shaken and sanitized in direct sun. - hand sanitizer is used between every person to person physical interaction - hand washing is completed prior to client arrival, halfway through the session, and after any exit and reentry of the studio space. - the photographer avoids touching baby's nose, mouth, eyes and parents/guardians change and feed baby - 24 hours are required between newborn sessions - Kendra Paige Photography has a zero tolerance policy for illness and cold/flu symptoms.

In addition to these protocols, Kendra Paige Photography follows all Alberta Health Guidelines put forth. These guidelines can be found here: Kendra Paige Photography does not participate in a restrictions exemptions program. Masks are required to enter Kendra Paige Photography. Anyone presenting with cold or flu like symptoms, who has recently travelled, has been in contact with or tested positive for Covid-19 will not be permitted. Children or healthcare workers who have been notified of outbreaks in school or the workplace will also not be permitted. (Please see your contract for specified details). Myself and my immediate family are currently up to date on all available coronavirus and flu vaccines. Please know that I will do everything I can to not only keep you, your baby and my family safe, but also work with my clients to make navigating this pandemic as easy as possible. It is a privilege that my business sector was only marginally affected by the health guidelines and restrictions during this pandemic. And as always, it is an honor to be trusted with your most vulnerable little people. Support and love, Kendra