Meet Kendra Paige!

Updated: Jan 8

I am Kendra, and I believe... ...Postpartum is a family experience. Each member of the family deserves to take space during this change... ...knowledge is power... is a natural resource we can't afford to lose... comes from within your soul. Nurture your soul and health will follow... ...there is nothing more perfect than a newborn baby... your truth...

As your photographer, the most important thing to me, is that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and trusting. The environment I create in my studio is intended to be welcoming and home-like. The education and training I have achieved allows me to confidently handle your most precious babies safely and with great care.

I love design, color theory, textiles and of course the science of lighting. I take hours prior to your session planning how each pose will be styled and lit. I plan each session with display and printing in mind. So each set up, each pose, each color choice, will elegantly flow from one to the next. With your preferences in mind, I know you will love every set up.

Babies are beautiful and perfect, and the posing I choose is to showcase your baby's perfection. I have trained with mentors and practiced many hours to insure each pose is accomplished safely and skillfully.

After our time together in the studio, I will have captured professional quality images. You will select your favorites, and then the post processing begins. I will use my skills in post production to enhance your images. The end results are high resolution, sharp, colorful images that you will cherish. You will be proud to display your gallery in your home, and share with loved ones for years to come.

This job is important me. It is not only a career, but part of who I am. I am honored by each family that chooses me to capture these milestones in their life. Each baby is an honor. #newbornphotographerairdrie #newbornphotographercalgary #coffeeislife #liveyourtruth #fourthtrimester #airdriephotographer #momof3