Noah ~ Newborn Session ~ Kendra Paige Photography ~ Airdrie, AB Newborn Photographer

Have you ever wondered, or even worried, "What happens if my baby doesn't sleep for their newborn session?" Well, the truth is, this is just as natural as them sleeping for the entire session. Or sleeping for some, and being awake for some. Or, being awake for all of it. I do everything I can to create a soothing, comfortable, environment for your newborn session. And I'll even adjust the start time a bit if it looks like it will benefit the efficiency of our time together. But even with all this preparation. Even with your efforts to follow the prep guide to a T. Even with loads of milk and a great mindset, Baby still chooses. Little Noah decided he'd like to visit me for most of his session. He came to the Kendra Paige Photography studio snoozing. So we started with the family and parent poses.

Dad with newborn baby

Mom with newborn boy

Wrapping for family poses helps keep Noah sleepy, and helps me transition him into a prop for a pose on his own.

Newborn boy in bucket with pom pom

Then Noah's dad mentions he'd love some pictures of his baby boy awake as well. And I think Noah heard him...

Newborn in bucket awake

...Because then Noah was awake...

...And I mean like, awake awake.

Newborn photography awake baby

But as you can see, awake newborns are still pretty adorable and squishy.

I keep newborns that are awake wrapped up. This is mostly to keep them feeling safe, but also so that I can still capture their faces and features without too much wiggling. And then I'll put them in some footed jammies and them just go for it. Look at those little arms and legs fly!

Awake newborn in footed jammies

By this time, Noah started yawning and showing us he was getting sleepy. He ALMOST slept for some poses with his big sister, but that's just not his jam.

Newborn in Jovie basket

We managed to end his gallery off with some cuddles.

Newborn sessions with Kendra Paige Photography are always super relaxed, regardless of awake or asleep babies. Capturing your baby's cuteness, and the bond you have together is all that matters to me. So you can relax, and trust that your gallery will be gorgeous no matter how much your baby sleeps.