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When to Book Your Newborn Session with Kendra Paige Photography

So, you have made your choice and you'd like ME to photograph your newborn session! Yay! I'm so excited! So let's get you on my calendar. When is the best time to book?

Calgary, Alberta newborn photography

Newborn photography is so unique in that the newborn stage is fleeting. Generally, babies are ideal for this style of posing when they are brand new, within the first 2 weeks after they are born. And because your plate is going to be full when your new baby arrives, it's a great plan to book with Kendra Paige Photography as soon as you decide I am the right photographer for you.

Airdrie, Alberta twin sibling newborn photography

But, how will I know what day to book? You don't! I will book your due date on my calendar, and then we choose the date for the session once your baby arrives. But what if the baby arrives early? What if they arrive late? No problem at all. I plan my calendar with fluctuating birthdates in mind. So once I know your due date, you are in the club. I will have room for your session.

Calgary, Alberta newborn photography studio

If you're visiting, already holding your new baby, it's not too late! Each month I leave space for those babies too. And if your baby is older than 14 days? It's okay too! I am happy to accommodate newborns up to 4 weeks. All babies can be captured in beautiful photographs.

Airdrie, Alberta newborn photography studio

How do you book a newborn session with Kendra Paige Photography? It's easy! Choose the package that fits you best, pay the $100 retainer, and wait for your baby to arrive. Here is where to contact me: Email:

Don't miss this! Seriously, they're so small right now, they'll fit in a bucket.

Airdrie, Alberta newborn bucket pose

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