Zoe ~ Newborn Session ~ Kendra Paige Photography ~ Airdrie, AB Newborn Photographer

As you may have noticed, Kendra Paige Photography is a newborn photography studio. My portfolio is babies, my Instagram feed is babies. Facebook, babies. So I'm going to go ahead and assume you're here to see the babies. But you'd also like to see what a full newborn session gallery looks like, as opposed to one or two individual images alone. Here is one of my last newborn sessions of 2021, Baby Zoe. It is a beautiful mix of muted floral colors, and the festive colors of December.

This little ballerina romper reminds me of a figure skater costume. Perfect for a winter baby. This pose is called, "Chin on Hands".

This heart bowl is so sweet, I'm actually surprised it isn't requested more often. Can you see the little poinsettia tucked in as a nod to the season?

Forward facing in a Bucket is one of my all time favorite poses. First, look! They fit in a bucket. But also, the way their little faces rest on their hands makes them look oh so squishy, and their cheeks oh so chubby.

Posing with parents. I mean, I love your newborn babies. Love 'em. But you likely love them even more. Capturing parent poses is probably one of the most important parts of your newborn session with Kendra Paige Photography. You NEED these pictures. I promise you, they will grow, and it will happen quickly. Looking at these images will bring back so many wonderful emotions and reminders of how much of a miracle it is to be a parent. These images are a gift to your whole family. Look at how small, how squishy, how new they were. Look at how young and fragile and joyful YOU were. It is worth it. Promise.

This baby was born right around Christmas, so we decided to include a setup, (or two), to commemorate her birth month. This is one of my favorite Christmas newborn images to date. Everything came together so beautifully.

With every newborn session, I try to capture 3-4 looks/poses on the posing blanket. (These are the poses that are not in a prop, but on a seamless, fabric background). Babies are my bosses though, so sometimes we only complete 1 or 2. I promise you, you will have tons of variety regardless.

All Tucked In and ready for her winter's nap.

Now, can't you imagine all of these gorgeous images or your baby, printed in a beautiful album? They just all flow together so perfectly. Like a little newborn session story.